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Last minute camping

Do you suddenly want to go on a camping holiday in the Var? Book a campsite rental at the last minute in the South of France with Sud Est Vacances!


10 last-minute camping destinations in the South of France

By staying in an outdoor hotel in Provence or on the Côte d'Azur, you are sure to find the right formula (weekend, week, etc.) and accommodation at advantageous rates, whether you are a fan of energetic holidays or more peaceful, in high season as well as out of season. If you want to find a campsite in the South of France at the last minute, it's easy with Sud Est Vacances! Between diversified activities and convivial activities or moments of idleness under the sun, you will undoubtedly have a successful holiday in our campsites in the Var.

Discover our accommodation offers available for Last Minute booking in our 10 Sud Est Vacances campsites by benefiting from good deals and promotional offers on mobile home rental or our camping pitches to save money until the last moment. Between Var and Alpes de Haute-Provence, you have a wide choice of campsites to discover all the riches of the PACA region.

An impromptu camping trip alone, with your partner, with friends or with family: in any case, the beauty of the Mediterranean coast awaits you. The opportunity to learn more about its historical, cultural and natural heritage while having fun at your tourist resort through a range of activities and leisure activities offered by our various campsites. Going on vacation on a whim by taking advantage of the best prices thanks to discounts on booking a bungalow or pitches for caravans and motorhomes, it is possible! At Easter as in summer or in the off-season, regularly consult the good deals to book last minute camping with Sud Est Vacances!

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The best last-minute specials with Sud Est Vacances campsites!

If you have not yet scheduled your vacation, know that by starting at the last minute, you can benefit from small prices on your camping reservation. With South East Holidays, the last moment is the right moment! Make good deals on your rental mobile home or location in low season with promotions not to be missed.

Get up to 50% off your mobile home stay on the French Riviera for 2 to 8 people by booking your rental at the rigth moment. Enjoy a discount on your accommodation in the heart of the Verdon 7 nights and realize savings on the rental of a mobile home (2 to 8 seats) for at least a week.

Prices are small for last minute bookings: spend a week camping in Saint-Raphael from € 329 only for a mobile home that can accommodate 2 people. Half price stays are also offered in Saint Tropez. And short stays (minimum 2 nights) also benefit from reductions to be seized: up to 35% on all rentals of mobile homes at Hyères. Sud Est Vacances organizes flash sales with 30% discounts on your stay and offers VIP packages to discover.


Last Minute Promotions on vacation rentals in the Var

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Good reasons to go camping at the last minute

Book your holiday at the last moment, a funny idea? Not so sure ! There are many reasons to go camping impromptu. Taking a rental weeks or even months in advance is for example always likely to cause inconvenience in case of unforeseen family, professional or budget.

And if you can not plan your holidays in advance due to professional constraints, renting your accommodation or your campervan location at the last minute is quite possible and allows you to make great savings to reinvest then in his sightseeing. Often, last-minute bargain prices are promotional offers, with excellent value for money. For a lower rate, you will get a larger accommodation or a better location.

Moreover, planning your holidays does not take into account weather hazards. By booking at the last minute, you can have a reliable overview of the weather at your resort, ideal for providing appropriate clothing in his luggage depending on the weather. Going on vacation at the last minute: an anti-routine idea that saves money for a better time!